Have you ever been to the circus? That huge 3 ring catastrophe of possibly mistreated animals on performance? Can you tell I’m not a big circus fan?  We took the girls to one of these years ago and it was loud and I don’t think anyone of us had much fun. I was too busy thinking about how they treated the animals. We’ve never gone again.

Well, here in St. Louis – we  have Circus Flora! What’s that? You ask – It’s our very own one ring LOCAL circus! Many of the performers are locally trained and I think the horses, or some of them anyway, live locally too. In fact, one very fun horse at Avalon Horse Farm is a retired Circus Flora performer.


Waiting out side for the rest of our group to arrive – we went with Rowan’s Pony Club.

Stilt walker.

Here you can see most of the one ring – and did I mention they have LIVE music? No? They do. It was fantastic.

Each year the circus has a theme. This year it was the Wizard. As in Merlin and King Arthur.  The wizard told the story verbally as the performers told the story visually.  I wish you could have seen it! It is so hard to describe.

They have tightrope walkers, jugglers, acrobats, and Nino. They have majick tricks and dog tricks. And of course the horse act was the favorite part of the show.

It is a family show. The tightrope walkers are a family that have been doing this for years – for years! And the unicyclists were ( I think) a mother, father and daughter (about 9? I would say)

We spotted this performer when J and I stepped out to use the bathroom at intermission. He’s waiting for his turn.


All lit up!

After the show, the group got to visit “back stage” – where J snapped a fuzzy pic of this cute guy waiting for his grain.

We had a total blast and I cannot wait to see what next years theme will be!

Bright Blessing!