Well, here I thought that on my break week I would get a whole lot of catch up work accomplished. I planned to clean the house (which has been neglected because of camps), reorganize the basement, clean Jaia’s room and so, so  many other projects were on that list!  Needless to say – very little has been accomplished. I did post some desks on craigslist and the bathroom is nicely scrubbed, the floor has been mopped and several loads of laundry have been washed and folded.  But! She’s only had 3 days of camp so far so there is still time to get work done! Yesterday though I decided that the housework was really not that important and Rowan and I went to the library and then shopping!  She need a few things in her wardrobe so we hit the “teen” resale shop. Geared towards teens and fashionable young adults. Where, I’m happy to say, I found a pair of Lucky brand jeans for $20!!.

Our weekend was once again crazy busy. My nieces birthday party on Saturday. Which in my opinion was a total unorganized mess.  I arrived a little early than stated time and found that F was still asleep- all good. But then she slept for the next 2 hours! So while party guests were arriving and sitting around waiting – she was sleeping. Oh – she’s 2.   There was a cheese/cracker platter and a veggie platter – drinks? not sure I ever had one actually. Pasta – being made as guests are standing around waiting for something to happen. I’m not talking adding the pasta to the sauce but MAKING the sauce! I don’t know about you but I have everything pretty much planned out, food pre-pared and only heated if needed. My poor brother was so embarrassed. People were watching T.V. I absolutely cannot stand being at a party where the t.v is blaring. NOT what I came for if you know what I mean.

About 2 hours after the guests arrived we finally were told we could go swimming and after that the presents were opened – while we were eating pasta and brats. Whew! I truly hope that my daughters’ first ands second birthdays weren’t so scrambled. But that WAS 12 years ago!

Cool tractor my brother uses to mow.

ANYWAY enough complaining! Sunday we went to the St. Louis Renaissance Festival. Fantastic Fun as usual. A lot had changed since we volunteered there. Many of the people I worked with left and there’s been a change of management. Some of our favorite acts have left – but overall it was a very pleasant day.



Scottish encampment

Pony rides


Escaping from prison!

Wow! Can’t figure out how to get that picture normal size again!

Yesterday Rowan made homemade sushi –


And I picked the first offering from the garden.

I can’t seem to get this gardening thing down. I have a raised bed garden. I plant lovely heirloom seeds. I water them, I weed them and some of them never come up! Maybe I need to order my seeds online rather than buying them from the local mega mart shop.

Jaia has camp again today so off I go!

Bright Blessings!