Today starts the second week of camps! We are so not used to getting up at a fixed time every morning and rushing. We homeschool 🙂 We are normally laid back but these mornings I have to coax and nudge my eldest into moving.  And sometimes, Yes, I do get snippy.

But! All is well. Next week Jaia participates in camp. Should be fun for her! Rowan and I are planning some mom/daughter things to do and I plan on tackling the basement and at least getting it in some semblance of order.

Saturday is my niece’s birthday and I would like to make something out of this book for her…

Girly Style Wardrobe..

But we’ll see if we actually have time or energy. (I’ll keep you posted if I do! The girls and I picked out the cutes material!)

Bright Blessings and have a wonderful week!