Jaia has been steadily learning about plants. How much do you really need to know about plants when you’re 9?  I always struggle with the  – what do they REALLY need to learn question – especially since we homeschool and it’s all up to me to teach them everything 🙂 For example – how much algebra does a teen really need to learn? Do we use it in our everyday lives? How many people actually use algebra? Trig? Calculus!  I’m sure I don’t. And in all honesty, I could not tell you what professions would aside from algebra teachers and scientists.?

I would imagine that being able to convert meters into yards for sewing or ounces into cups or vise versa for baking and cooking might actually be a better way to spend time learning? Maybe how to repair a vacuum or replace a garbage disposal?  I guess my point in all this, is that what our kids learn is all a matter of opinion right?  SOMEONE, somewhere decided that all kids needed to go through school until 12th grade and all these subjects need to be covered.  I now that to certain degrees all subjects need to be covered somewhat. It IS good to know the 50 states and their capitals and how to estimate a grocery bill by rounding up numbers and adding them in your head.. But is it necessary to dissect that cat or rat or fetal pig? hmm… I guess if you  want to – but in high school I had to – or I failed the course.

But I digress – back to Jaia and plants!

So far, we’ve covered what plants need to grow, the parts of  a plant and what we use plants for.  (so many, many things!)

Jaia’s labeled plant.

What a plant needs to grow.

So I guess if she were a tad older and we actually had room – we could cover permaculture, plants used for dying fabric, canning, beneficial insects vs predator insects (oh! Might still – great idea)  I think I’ll add herbs to what we’re learning  – cooking herbs to start with and then healing herbs! Thanks for letting me get all that off my chest and working things out! 🙂 I’ve got some great ideas now 🙂

In other news or fun at the farm.

Guess what we ended up following down the lane to the farm?!

A buggy! I took this through the window  – sorry!  They didn’t stay long but they came back later when the owner of the barn was there.  And then I got to drive the buggy!  Too fun!

I didn’t drive it too much. It’s a lot harder than it looks – just down and around outdoor pen.

Goats wandering the barn getting into hay.

Dropping bags of bedding off at the stalls on Monday. With dogs following.

Today is an at home day! Well grocery shopping. But there is nowhere we need to be and no one we need to see.  It will be good to stay home. I have some projects that need to get accomplished.

Bright Blessings!