Jaia has been working on Biology this year for science and we’re just wrapping up her section on Animal Classification. For our “wrap it up project” she did a lap book.  Have you ever seen these? This was our first exposure and I have to say – they are pretty neat! All your information in a neat, tidy package!

In the lapbook are small sections – What are the 5 vertebra classes ? for example. Arthropod, bird, or annelid characteristics.

For each different class, Jaia had to look up examples and add them to her information.  It is a fairly straight forward lapbook, with basic information – she is only 9 after all.

Next in science – plants!

While Jaia was busy working on her lapbook, I started another project. Embroidery. I have never embroidered before! and I wanted something I can do while sitting down with the girls during school hours.

I’m keeping this book on hand for stitch reference . There are some pretty neat and complicated stitches in here! My goal – try to do each and every one of them. Maybe not MASTER them, but I can certainly try them can’t I?

Work in progress – While Jaia is having her swimming lesson. I think I’m going to enjoy this!

Bright Blessings! and Happy May Day!