Jaia was a bit antsy yesterday. Both of our play dates had fallen through this week  – one because of illness and one because – well –  LIFE tends to throw things at you and likes to play havoc with our plans – and sometimes you can’t change that.

SO yesterday, after school work had been finished and with mere hours to go before we had to be home to do errands/chores of our own – Jaia and I went for a walk.  We went to a walking trail literally on the side of the road 🙂 The display sign told us that the property had  – once a upon a time, been a dairy farm that had been abandoned, house fell into disrepair- then torn down etc..Property then deeded to the city of…  It’s a short 1/2 mile loop. Just enough.

Picking honeysuckle.

“Eating” honeysuckle.

Pond with walkway. It was filled with turtles! a few ducks and geese and 4 small baby geese.



A new friend.

It was lovely and quiet. Just what *I* needed.

Bright Blessings