Yesterday I started making a dance bag for Jaia. For months now, she’s been carrying her stuff in what ever bag catches her fancy each night. I’m surprised we haven’t LOST anything yet!  Well – a pair of socks DOES seem to have gone missing! Oh well – we’ll find them.

I’m making another freezer paper stencil design – the same one I put on her t-shirt for her birthday. That way we’ll have no doubt which bag holds her shoes and socks!

Tracing out the pattern.

Ironing it onto the fabric. The schools colors are pink, black and grey so luckily I had pink paisley in my stash.

During the painting process.

After painting and peeling the freezer paper off. Today hopefully, I’ll get around to sewing it ! I hope to have it complete by Friday but today and tomorrow are pretty busy, so we’ll see.

We’re off to the barn today, but Jaia is feeling punky so hopefully I can leave her home with my husband. It means she’ll be watching more television than I would normally allow – but sometimes watching t.v. is the only thing you can do when you’re feeling yucky!

Bright Blessings!