We’ve been crazy busy here the past week – Pretty much since the first of April. Lots and Lots of birthdays but not a lot of pictures to show for it. Play dates, homeschooling classes and busy-ness.  I think we’ve been at home one whole afternoon in all this time! whew. Today we’re home – our visiting plans have gotten cancelled, and I have to say that although I am disappointed – Jaia is definitely so –  we get an afternoon at home!  I have laundry to fold, a few projects to start and yeah!! we get to go to the library! Goodness. This might be the rejuvenation we need to continue going non-stop the next couple of weeks.

Our young friend Loved his elf tunic/costume. Albeit after some grumbling that it was too long! And some reassurances that -yes, it was supposed to be longer than his hips!  He loved it and he ran around the zoo for hours in it.

Bright Blessings!