We are not religious here in our house hold. We do not practice any one religion. Oh, we hold the earth and all beings living on her and in her to be sacred (well I do at least). But we don’t go to church or practice mainstream faiths. Each year though, we go “celebrate” easter. For us though, it’s more of a welcoming back of spring. An acknowledgement that plant, veggies, fruits are beginning to come to life.  That the cold darkness of winter is FINALLY over and that the long, warm, golden days of spring and summer are returning.

We ended up spending the morning at my SIL’s house – where we had a lovely home made breakfast – biscuits and gravy, eggs, sausage etc…  Jaia hunted easter eggs in the back yard – Rowan is now “too big”  to hunt..  Or is she?

The afternoon was spent at my mothers – A more traditional dinner – ham was eaten, asparagus, bread, sweet potatoes etc..  was eaten. She’s catholic. At least nothing was preached.

The girls, along with their cousings ( one 2, one almost 2) hunted easter eggs in the back yard. Well, maybe Rowan won’t claim to have hunted herself, but more helped her cousin.

It ended up being a lovely afternoon.

This week is the birthday party for a young friend of ours. He is going to be 10! When his mom and I met – he was 3 , Jaia was 2, Rowan was 7 etc.. It’s amazing to see these kids growing up.   Well, last week he approached me and asked if I could make him an elf costume for his birthday party this Thursday. Santa elf? I wondered – nope, more woodland elf. So I said maybe and promptly forgot about it since I had 2 girls parties and easter to worry about! Monday I woke up remembering@!!  So Tuesday morning we made a dash to the fabric store and this is what I created in about 4 hours. I do hope it was what he wanted!!

The pants are just a flannel pajama pant pattern – I just made it shorter and didn’t hem anything!  Fairy’s don’t care about proper hemming do they? And the top is a simple t-style tunic with a t cut in the top for his head. I ended up adding pieces of flannel to each point where the cut ended so that he didn’t pull and rip the tunic wide open. I really hope he likes it. After HIS zoo party I may grab it back and hem the legs and sleeves and fix the neckline.

I guess a lot of people don’t get that we can’t just “whip something up in and hour or two” , that it takes more time than that.  If I had had more time, if I hadn’t had 2 birthdays of my own or easter or barn work or, or, or, I probably would have taken more time with the neck line. But – oh well.  I hope he likes it.

It’s Wednesday so we’re off to the barn again!

Bright Blessings