And 2 party bags are finished!  They didn’t take long really – about 10 to 15 minutes each to sew together.

Jaia has filled them with goodies –

Salt water taffy (yep the same brand that we had at Valentines day!), a chocolate/caramel bar, a small flower pot with seeds and in the parchment sack are gummy beans. I wanted something cuter than plastic baggies so –  – parchment paper sacks it is. They were so easy too,  a rectangle with a flap and I just sewed up the sides. The flap folds down. Easy Peasy. And cute too. And free since I had the parchment paper already.  Their  (Jaia and her friend)  last “party favor” is a ring making kit that they can work on together.

For Rowan and her friend, I found a cool “message in a bottle” necklace making kit so they can leave a message for each other in their necklaces.

The t-shirt turned out fantastic! If I do say so myself. I snuck downstairs to my work area after Jaia finally fell asleep last night  – Almost 10:00 that one! She was listening to a book on CD –



I cannot wait to give it to her! I think she’ll love it!

Busy day for us today. Breakfast with Grandma, barn day, dinner, cake baking and friends arriving. I predict a late , late night for all..

Bright Blessings!