There’s birthday creating going on here!

Rowan and Jaia’s birthdays are right around the corner and I’m trying to squeeze in the small amount of sewing and crafting I need to do  when Jaia’s not around.  Since she’s only having one friend come and sleep over, I decided to make the gift bags out of fabric.

She specified POLKA DOT fabric! – Not pink or black or something else…  So when I walked into the fabric store and saw this cute yellow I nabbed it right away!

All cut out and ready to sew together. These won’t take too long and really, they’re not too much of a secret. These goody bags will be filled with treats and yummies – and maybe a small pot and seeds too..

But!   It’s this project that I’m keeping hidden!

Jaia loves irish dancing – so I thought I’d make her a quick freezer paper stencil t-shirt 🙂 –



I just did a google search for irish dancing silhouettes   –  this was one of the first and easier ones to trace and cut out. I can’t wait to give it to her!

Tonight I paint it in secret …

Rowan and her friend will be making their own t-shirts as their “goody bag” – We love this activity. I think it’s as much about the process of finding a picture, or creating a picture, cutting it out and ironing it on – as the painting of the shirt.  Rowan can spend literally hours copying and tracing pictures of horses to make them JUST RIGHT to go on her shirts. Love it!

Off to sew!

Bright Blessings!