I find it funny that when ever I sit down to write the Monday post about what we did over the weekend,  I can never remember what we did on Saturday! I think my brain is becoming addled. The temps ARE rising here in Missouri !

Oh!  Saturday the girls and I went to the farmers market! gheez –  talk about spacey.  We wandered, we bought, we bought more, and we bought pastries! Unfortunately I left the camera at home, so pictures will have to come next time.  This particular farmers market is open year round – during the peak summer/growing months there are some local growers  though, and that’s who we like to visit. Otherwise, through out the rest of the year, the veggies are your typical store variety veggies. Cheaper though.  There’s a meat market there though, that I need to find out more information on. Like where he gets his meat for instance. We trying to eat organic/free range/etc.. and we’re buying expensive meat through the health food grocery store chain. Pricy.

On Sunday I finally went to pick up my chairs that I bought oh so long ago! Think 3 weeks!  The antique store –quintessential antiques – where I found them-  is only open the first 7 days of each month – the rest of the time they are traveling and buying more fantastic items to put in their shop.

They need some paint. Desperately. I’m thinking orange. Light, pale orange. Not the garish orange. OR maybe red. Jaia thinks purple.  I guess we’ll just have to wait and see now won’t we  🙂

The girls made lemonade also..

It’s been sitting in the fridge now since yesterday afternoon. It will be nice and cold! And the flavors will have melded together! Can’t wait to have a glass of that later this afternoon  – Maybe sitting on my nice new chairs! (complete with trash can/ stone paver table)

Other thrift store finds this weekend:

Miscellaneous horse thingys.. For all our horses of course 😉

While I was at the thrift store I was browsing through the books. I’m a sucker for books – especially “old” children’s books. Little Golden Books to be specific.  ANYWAY – I found this one : not a little golden book – but neat nonetheless…

It’s by Virginia Lee Burton. She wrote Mike Mulligan and the Steam Shovel and Katy’s Big Snow among others. I have never seen this before!  I did look it up on Amazon and you can still order it – But I like finding things like this while rifling through books in thrift store!

The pictures are fantastic!

From the start of time – through the age of dinosaurs – all the way to modern times. It tells how we came to exist.

Well – today is Monday and we’re off to the barn.  Mondays we just clean stalls and I’ve been heading over early enough to have time to sit and read. Sometimes it’s just what I need.

I have 2 birthday to plan for this week. Row will be 14! on the 6th and Jai will be 9! on the 5th. yes I know. they were not planned that close. I have to tell you that Miss Jaia’s due date was July 7th. Yep – she was born 13 weeks premature.  She’s OUR miracle. No health issues other than she gets colds that settle in her lungs easier. Very easily managed with homeopathic remedies.  Breast milk and kangaroo care are wonderful! And now I’m rambling 🙂

Bright Blessings!