Since the girls have come home from their friends, we’ve not accomplished a whole lot of anything!  We went to see the show Cavalia – Fantastic! and if you ever have a chance to go – GO!

That was Tuesday night – Wednesday  – back to the barn and Thursday we did some science experiments – Gotta get back into the swing of school !

Rowan made her own candle wick from fabric scraps.

Then she lit it on fire!

She then made some bubbling brown, green goo that bubbled over the test tube.

And that was about it. Totally laid back morning. We did hit the thrift store after school  – the girls are in serious need of summer clothes and off to Avalon for  a Pony Club study group.  Really we needed to have a laid back, not so crazy day.

What is your weekend shaping up to hold?  I hope to get some seeds planted in our raised bed garden!

I’m going to plant a lot of herbs this year I think!

Bright Blessings