Well, yesterday/Tuesday was our 13th wedding anniversary, so my husband and I left the girls with my MIL and went out to dinner.  We went to a local restaurant called Mojos Tapas.  It. Was. Delicious!


At first I didn’t really get the concept of tapas – but  I rather like it – small plates of several different dishes to share – rather than one large dish – although they do have Entres there.

We started out with Mojitos – yum! And then tried a couple of different tapas – Roasted sausages, seared ahi tuna, beer battered grouper – But I think my Favorite was the spinach, feta, artichoke spanakopita –  I think I’m going to need to recreate this at home!  The exotic mushroom, feta, arugula flat bread with truffle oil came in a very, very close second!

We will definitely be going back again – sans girls – to enjoy more of the delicious tapas.

Yesterday was also spent getting a little schoolwork accomplished – little being the key word – but it’s extremely hard to work when the only girl on the block is off of school for spring break. Much better to foster friendships and be outside than wallowing over math don’t’ch’a think?

This “I”m bored” list was discovered yesterday.  I think I found it on pinterest  – I think  –  and it’s from imom.com. They have a few other list I can see that I need to print up!

I love it this list – Jaia is the one more likely to come say that she’s bored.  So now I can tell her to pull a slip from the jar and get to work!  There’s a blank page for filling in our own ideas so – any good ideas??

Jaia started right away making the sock puppets!

Today is Wednesday -so back to the barn we go. Although the sky is dark and does not look promising!  Keep you fingers crossed that we have a dry day. Until this evening anyway – I love a good storm..

Bright Blessings!