Our weekend started out crazy busy and ended on a lovely lazy note. Saturday, Jaia and I went completely out of our comfort zone and box and walked in the St. Louis St Patrick’s day parade downtown with her Irish Dancing school. It was a blast!  We ended up sitting on the benches on the float – with the mostly girls and 2 boys who were dancing as the float went down the street.  Good thing too – I was starting to get blisters!

Through out the morning were thunderstorm and hail storm watches and warnings, so an emergency plan was put into place – basically stopping the float and getting ALL the kids under the flat bed!  Luckily – thankfully – the storm held off until the last float pulled into the parking lot to dismantle. We were towards the end – 3rd or 4th from last.  Literally, as soon as we pulled into the parking lot the clouds rolled in darker and more ominous looking.  The group of moms and kids walked over to the restaurant where the after party was being held and the dads headed off to the ware house to tear apart the float.

We had dinner at the restaurant, bar food, the kids put on an impromtu demonstration and the dads held a “Daddy Dance- off”!  So much fun!  We had a blast and we are grateful to be apart of such a fun dance family.

I went camera less for the day. I wasn’t too sure of what was going to happen and since I don’t have a carrying case yet…

Sunday was a lazy, lazy day. My husband and I went grocery shopping and the rest of the day was laying around, periodically playing on the WII, reading and cleaning of bedrooms.

Jaia wanted to make sugar cookies and found a recipe –

She did most of it by hand!  Until I finally said – nope – into the mixer it goes!  How lazy I’ve become 🙂

She patted it, wrapped it, chilled it and rolled it out all on her own.

We ended up with some very delicious cookies!

Rowan made dinner. The girls had the task this fortnight – of finding a recipe or creating a dish for dinner. They are/were to make as much of it as they can (with help) and cook dinner for the family.   Jaia has chosen a spicy beef dinner and Rowan chose meat on a stick. Other wise known as shish-kabob.

She chose what she wanted on them -beef stew meat, (grass-fed, free range and organic) zucchini and crimini mushrooms – we also added onions. Then they sat in marinade for a couple of hours.  Rowan made mashed cauliflower (with some potatoes) as the side and I tossed together a huge salad.  Wine rounded out the meal for the adults – water for the girls. It was delicious. I think I’m ready to hand over the dinner reigns any time the girls want to take over!

We’re off to the barn today – It IS Monday after all – Wish I had someone to cook dinner tonight:)

Bright Blessings!