Yesterday was our day at the barn – Beautiful day! The high was predicted to be 84*!   We left home early to get to the barn early.  We needed to clean our stalls and then run to Rowan’s art class about 30 minutes away. While Rowan was finger painting, Jaia and I wandered around the town’s main street. There were thrift stores, antiques stores, metaphysical stores and a spice and tea shoppe.  We hit the spice and tea shop first where I promptly bought 3 different types of bulk tea and a couple of baggies of spices. I’ve been hearing good things about turmeric and it’s been one I’ve been wanting to try, so I bought a small baggie of that, and cinnamon.  We quickly ran out of time – so I think I’ll be heading back that way soon to browse some more.  The last store we were in, J and I had to make a dash through. Had to get back in time to pick Rowan up from her class.  The rest of the afternoon was spent at the barn. Playing, learning and getting work finished.  We did not leave the barn until 7:00!  The long summer days at the barn are starting!

I’ve  ALSO  been working on more small goodie bags.

Only one of these cuties is lined so far.  The white with mushrooms – so that gives you an idea of what they’ll look like when I’m finished. I think I’m just going to use muslin or something simple to line them with. That way nothing takes away from the cute pattern on the front.

Today I’ve been instructed to make a circle skirt 🙂 I’d better get to work!

Bright Blessings!