I have more craft ideas in the works – I think it’s the spring air. The plants popping up, the birds singing outside my window. Loudly.  I think the re-awakening of the earth is stimulating my creative spirit. Well – I hope anyway.

I started making some note cards – just simple cards really.  A month or so back, I went to my local big box store and looked for a card to send to my dad for his birthday. Nothing, nada, zilch. They were all so ugly or distasteful, or just plain rude. Some of them actually had lovely verses but if you’re going to buy a card with such a lovely verse, why not write it yourself?  I would certainly think the sentiment would mean MORE if you were writing it personally than if you bought a pre printed card – right?

I took this lovely old book, and I cut it up! Yes, I know, sacrilegious  – and I took some simple water color paper cards and I started glueing.

One sheet from the book folded over the top of the card so it folds down the back and – viola! simple notecards. My favorites are the 2 in the front, from an old Flintstones flip book.  These were the only two pages I had remaining of the book – I think in my thrift store and junk shop searches I’ll be looking for more of these books. They made cute,  fun cards.  I have a whole pile of Little Golden books I brought out – but I really did not have the heart to start cutting those up. I think I’ll start looking for damaged ones while I’m thrifting also.

Yesterday Jaia started working on division in math for school.  She was excited to start something new – not boring old addition and subtraction like we’ve been working on.

And Rowan put the presidents in order. Which lead to research on republican and democratic presidents, which of course is leading up to this years presidential candidates and election. Wonderful the way homeschooling works huh?

(tissues for the runny nose).

Today is going to be gorgeous out side!  I’m planning on getting the girls out doing yard work today. I’ve got to decide what I’m putting in my garden spot and hopefully I’ll get the front spot picked out.

Have a wonderful day!

Bright Blessings!