Jaia caught the gardening bug already this year!  I tried talking her into waiting just a FEW more weeks until it was 100% positive that there wouldn’t be any weird last minute winter freeze like there usually is in the mid west – but no good.

She was out there Friday afternoon – digging and planting away, planning her fairy garden plot. Even made a sign for it.  Gonna have to replace that though – rained here on Sunday. Like how she spelt fairy? Too cute – phonetic spelling at it’s best.

Saturday the girls and I went to an awesome craft show – The Green with Indie show.  I bought some hand made soap – love handmade soap! and some wool roving for needle felting.  Much cheaper than getting it at the local fabric store – and the colors are beautiful.

After the craft show the girls and I hit The Fabric Nosherie again! Lovely store – fantastic fabrics – I bought a couple of squares of felt, some embroidery thread and some fat quarters.  I had a plan.

For Valentine’s day I made the girls cute, red felt, reusable treat bags – I thought I would throw together a few more and see how they fared in an Etsy  shoppe.  ( now I just have to come up with an etsy shop name!)

Here’s the first one I created.

Here are some others – I think my favorite so far is the flower on the far left. I have a few more ideas floating around in my head and I need to figure out how to implement them using felt.  We’ll see if it works .  I get real crafty after going to an art or craft show –  there’s always something I can think to make – now it’s the follow through I have trouble with –

Jaia and I went to a craft show late last year- before the holidays I think. Jaia took $5.00 with her, that’s all she had in her bank and you know how 8 year olds are. She wanted to buy SOMETHING! So we wandered and searched and found nothing, absolutely nothing for under $10.00. She was crushed. So my resolve is to make small little items for all those 8 year olds with ONLY $5.00 to spend.  These bags are NOT $5.00 but Jaia and I, again, came up with some small crafty items that would work.  Barrettes, head bands etc….

Did everyone remember to spring forward your clocks early yesterday morning?  I’m always thrown off because there’s always ONE clock that doesn’t get the treatment and then that’s the one I usually end up looking at and going – OH, we have PLENTY of time 🙂  How about you?

Sunday was rainy and yucky, but to day is barn day and it looks like the sun is peaking out from behind the clouds! I think it’s going to be a gorgeous day!

Bright Blessings!