Earlier in the week I got to run to an Antique Store  – Alone!  It was lovely – I did not have to drag two grumbly girls into the store with me. Maybe someday they too will get the antique thrifting bug ..One mother can only wish now can’t she?

I bought two metal outdoor chairs – I’ll pick these up the first week in April. This particular store is ONLY opened the first 7 days of each month  – the rest of the time they’re traveling for more goodies.

I also found –

This really neat picture frame for the mantle.  I have a poster that I want to frame but now I have to figure out exactly how I’m going to accomplish that.

I also found this very cool and awesome pitcher – the gentleman at the store told me that it was a Zanesville Stoneware Pottery pitcher?

But I have absolutely no idea – I’m going to try to sit today and do a bit of searching online to see what I can find about it though –

I can’t wait to pick up my chairs!

Happy Weekending!

Bright Blessings