This past weekend was the Pony Club Quiz Rally competition.  It was one crazy, busy, hectic weekend. Oh my.  We drove 4 hours on Friday to Lenexa, Kansas for this shingig. It is 2 days of testing 100+ girls on their horse knowledge – some easy questions some hard.   Oral questions, written questions, individual questions and team questions.  My daughter’s team was the Three Horsekateers! Love it 🙂

Unfortunately the girls came in last in their division but I really could not be more proud of my daughter. She’s very shy and introverted and she went there and in my opinion  – kicked some hiney.  She stood up, answered questions out loud and faced some personal fears about that.  In my eyes she’s a winner!  She was very disappointed in their score – but I told her – there’s always someone who comes in first and there has to be someone who comes in last. Testing is all about what you remember at that moment in time – when your staring at the paper or looking the judge in the eyes – she could take the same verbal test today or same written test today and do better or worse.. It all depends on your memory at that moment that your taking the test.

As disappointed as she was in their score – she was one happy camper on the drive home – and I think she understood the personal challenges she faced over the weekend and was proud of herself – wether or not she’ll admit that.

Sunday’s drive home after the award ceremony – 8 hours – I kid you not – that is what it felt like! (really only 4) but wow – that gets to be one long, boring drive.

Monday was back to normal – some school and back to the barn.

Jaia played with Jasmine the pony.

I watched hay bales being put into the pastures. And the horses that were eating them before they were even unloaded from the tractor.

My favorite of the day?  The dogs and cats who eat out of the same dog food bowl.

Usually there are 3 cats and the dog eating out of this bowl of dog food. Crazy creatures.

Today we’re off to the symphony!  Should be interesting since my girls have never been.

Bright Blessings.