Next week will be the week!  It will be the week that the house is calmer, that we’re not rushing off every Thursday for Quiz practice, next week I  can relax about t-shirts that are  NOT made right now for this very upcoming weekend. T-shirts that I am now working on alone because everyone else is “too busy”.  At least that’s my assumption.  (and yes, I DO know  – you’re never supposed to “assume” anything right?)  I will have a window of about 2 hours to complete these t’s- 3 of them.  They are for the Pony Club Quiz rally this weekend. Each team of girls is supposed to have created t – shirts with their name/logo etc.. and then a few other bits of information on the back.  I have the task of printing up pictures on transfer paper and then ironing them onto these t’s. Hopefully they’ll turn out alright but I’m down to the wire here and I hope, hope, hope they look GOOD! Unfortunately – the one picture I do not have is my own daughters – she deleted the one picture I thought would be good for the shirts!

Can you tell I’m a tad frustrated? Grrr..  I don’t know if the other moms didn’t know or that they just assumed someone else would pick up the project and go?  That someone else would prod the girls along.  Three weeks ago I started prodding the girls- I finally got pictures 2 days ago!   So now I get to make t’s, grocery shop, bake, pack, somehow fit school in there, go to the barn and then pick my hubbie up from the airport!  All before Friday – when we leave – at 9:00 in the morning.

Anyway – It is what it is and I’ve taken on the role of t-shirt maker wether or not I wanted to, so that my daughter’s team at this Quiz Rally this weekend has what they need in order to participate. I promise I’m done grumbling.

My youngest isn’t going this weekend to Kansas city – she’ll be staying here with her daddy.  Daddy,  for a change, gets to take her to dance, and swimming 🙂 I do need to plan the menu for them though and make sure they have easy-peasy food to eat. My husband is not so much the “lets make something to eat/see what’s in the freezer” type of guy, but more the – “let’s just go get food” type of person. Frustrates me to no end! that does. Also not very good for the pocketbook…

Last night I watched Mansfield Park.  I love all of the Jane Austen movies!  I would love to go and live in their world for a day. Live the life of upperclass families.  Just to see.  I’ve been working my way through the very same book and wanted to compare the movie with the book.  Same but different. Really it was mostly leaving bits and pieces of the book out.    I also needed something lovely to watch while I just sat and worked on some projects.

While I was watching Mansfield Park last night I decided to cut out some more cards like the ones I made for Valentines day.  I really enjoyed putting those together so I thought I’d make more.   See – my very fun, brand new paper cutter?!

I ordered water color paper online. We’ve used this brand for painting for a few years now. I would say that it works for the painting that we do – mid quality paper – not to thick but not falling apart thin either.

These  are 3.5 by 5 inches.  Some I’ll put hearts on – some I’ll put other pictures on.  Not sure what yet though – I think I’ll go through my fabric box and see what I have.

I also made some folded cards. Not 100% sure how I’m going to decorate these – small picture, fabric, felt.  We’ll see won’t we?  That the joy of crafting I think.  Starting with nothing or just an idea and making something wonderful and pleasing.

Today is barn day, and by the looks and feel of it, it is going to be a wonderful, gorgeous day!  Which actually kind of worries me a bit. This is February, in Missouri – this is thunderstorm weather (which I love by the way) but it can also bring Tornados – which my girls are absolutely fearful of.  I’m hoping nothing comes of it and it is just what it  is. Beautiful, sunny weather.

Bright Blessings!