Because those are the only days it seems I am able to get to a working computer to blog!  Last week, my husband built a new computer for work and took the one I was currently using apart.  So I was computer-less for a few days. Now I’m on the old Mac and he has a new one to work on. So now I have to relearn again everything since a Mac is nothing like a windows computer.

Then the weekend happened and well.. time goes by!

Let’s see – last week we spend Wednesday at the barn, like always. Rowan cantered her horse up and down hills:

Thursday Jaia and I made homemade play doh –

I made bagels – first time ever. I don’t really like bagels, so I was making this as an experiment.  They are simply flour, milk, yeast, salt, sugar.  I’m not sure how good they are. My husband said they were “pretty good”.  Jaia said they were bland.  So.. Do I believe the 8 year old or the 43 year old :).. Next time I will try to make the bagels that call for the malt syrup. Just couldn’t find it in the time I had.  Decided on Wednesday, made them on Thursday for Friday.

They certainly look yummy – don’t they?

Hair was cut – sorry no pics of that – Rowan is 13 and anti-picture. But hair is short and spiky for that one! With purple spray in hair color non the less.  I’m not a fan of hair coloring – I don’t color my hair and never will- Unless I use henna – but this was our compromise. It washes out with the next washing so she gets her purple hair and I’m content to know that we’re not sitting for hours with toxic chemicals being applied to her head. Yes I am aware that this is probably not too much better – but we needed a compromise and hey – it washes out !!  I’m enjoying watching her grow and develop her personality.  The spiky hair makes her eyes pop!!

And Sunday was absolutely beautiful here!

The girls sat outside and read and played for a good hour or more. Jaia has her dolls, they took a basket of snacks – ignore the tire – the girls were using it for “jumps” for being horses.

Bright Blessings