Tuesday was an uneventful day. With 2 out of the 4 of us just feeling “not well”  – under the weather but not sick enough to keep us in bed or laying around on the couch – we kept the day simple. Some schoolwork – but not everything. It’s really hard to do algebra when you’re not feeling well 🙂

We did work on Science. Jaia was very much wanting to do her own “experiments”  so she tested to see if oil and water would mix. First it was water then oil. Then it was oil then water. Then oil and hot water.

Jaia so wants to “do experiments”  like her sister – but J is doing a biology course this year in school so her experiments are limited to worm bins and hatching butterflies. All fantastic experiments, but we’re supposed to go dig for worms and bugs and order butterflies. But, let me tell ya, in February, in Missouri there is NO worm digging or bug hunting or butterfly ordering!  So she’s kinda bummed.

Rowan created her Ethel alcohol burner.

Like that? Since the burner/wick wasn’t working for the burner included in the kit – Row made her own.  A test tube, Ethel alcohol and cotton braided together. Said she got that one from Little House on the Prairie.  She was heating table salt with bits of copper in it to observe the chemical change.  But we discovered, sea salt doesn’t seem to react like “normal” iodized table salt. So down to the craft shelf to bring up the table salt I keep on hand for crafting.

At one point during the afternoon, my hubbie asked if J and I could pop out of the house for a while – he needed to not have an overly energetic 8 year old running around  – He works in the basement..Yelling and singing are not always conducive to a productive work day. Dads are not able to block out the sound of active children like moms seem to be able to:)

So J and I hit the thrift store – Oh bad, bad, hubbie for sending me away!!

I found another suitcase!

A round one this time – I don’t have one of those yet.  But alas, I’ve been told that I am not “allowed” to buy anymore suitcases!  We’ll just have to see about that now shall we?

Some staining on the inside – but it’s such an cool suitcase!

I also found some fun books – I do like to collect the Little Golden Books..

I couldn’t help but take this picture –

Jaia’s pug, reading my budda mom book I dug out to re-read.

Off to the barn today -I hear it’s going to be close to 55 degrees today.

Bright Blessings!