Winter finally hit us here in Missouri. There’s a good 2 to 3 inches of snow outside my door right now. Snow that my 8 year old daughter is already out playing in at 7:30 in the morning. Snow that kept both girls out until 7:45 last night when I had to force them inside to eat dinner and go to bed.

They made forts and Jaia filled a cooler up with snow balls.

Not quite sure what she’s preparing for here – but I think she may have enough snowballs.

After the girls finally fell asleep last night I got busy preparing our “Valentine table”. I just like to make things nice for their girls – whether for their birthday, yule or valentines day.  I had an old christmas-y table cloth that one of the dogs had chewed a hole into – probably trying to eat off whatever had spilled on it.  I guess I could have tried to fix it but I decided to cut it up and make hearts instead.

This is the kitchen table the girls woke up to this morning. Each has a bag filled with treats. More candy than I realize I bought, but a lot of it’s from Trader Joe’s- so no high fructose corn syrup or food coloring. Just good old sugar.

They each got a set of chopsticks and a pair of socks too. I know – totally not valentines-y but hey, I AM their mother. Because I try to get them a craft kit of some sort each holiday and didn’t get around to it this time- I also included a “coupon” for one craft kit from a local craft store.  Cost  listed and everything. And of course – Valentines made by me.

I simply wrote – Happy Valentine’s Day on each one.

Jaia and I received more of our Valentine’s yesterday. I have to say that Jaia is totally smitten with getting mail everyday. It’s fantastic reading about other children and what they enjoy. Finding out how much you have in common with someone hundreds of miles away makes our world seem just a bit smaller than it really it.

On another totally different train of thought here – this guy was in a tree across the street yesterday morning.

Jaia came running to me yesterday morning yelling something about a “big, huge bird in the tree!”  Beautiful !

Have a wonderful day!

Bright Blessings.