Jaia and I started receiving our valentines a few days ago.  It’s been so much fun getting happy mail in our box (instead of the normal bills)! Jaia will run out to the mail box, not look at the mail, grab it, run back inside, hand it to me and insist I put it in her mail box – while she goes downstairs so she cannot see .

My dad made this for her a year or two ago -she loves pretending that she’s doing “paperwork”. She has stacks of papers in her room, a typewriter, envelopes, ink pad, stamper etc.. I don’t know what it is about all of that, but she love the work.

So we set up the box on the table in the hallway (our house is fairly small) and after I sort through the mail I put the valentines in her box.

Just look at the grin on her face. This was a ton of fun! Even my 13 year old said – “maybe I’ll do it next year:)”.

We’ve received two waves of mail so far – 6 cards and letters I think, so there’s still more to come!

Valentine’s day in our house is always laid back and we never make much of a deal out of it.  My husband insists it’s a Hallmark Holiday  – and it is…. And my birthday is the very next day so that should trump it anyway right?

But, I always try to do something nice for the girls on Valentine’s day.

Last year they received a candle making kit. This year I’m making wool felt bags –

One bag is folded down and the other is not. Cute huh? I think they turned out very nice!  So into these bags will go some salt water taffy, peppermint sticks, stickers, a cute pair of socks, their own chopsticks to go with their bento boxes and  few other things I cannot remember.  And I am going to include a coupon for an art kit of some sort. I didn’t make it to the craft store and I thought this way, they can pick something they’d really like to do.

I’ll decorate the table with red and put their bags at their dinner spots so when they wake up they’ll have a nice surprise.

And a cute valentine handmade by their momma.

And we’re finally supposed to be getting snow! here in Missouri – bummer!  I was becoming so, so spoiled by the unusual, lovely, warm winter we’ve been having.  It wouldn’t be too bad, except today it’s Monday so we’re at the barn – Avalon most of the afternoon. We’ll just have to see how long we stay – might be skipping riding lessons this evening to the  dismay of my eldest.  Oh and I’ve misplaced the cord to my camera- wonderful.

Bright Blessings! and Happy Crafting