With Valentines just around the corner , J and I decided to participate in a Valentine’s exchange. I discovered the blog one day surfing – http://www.hearth2heart.com/ –   and J loved the idea of getting happy mail instead of nothing!  (She loves receiving mail – as any child does – so I thought this would be a perfect way to get some fun mail).  We received our list last week and I was surprised to see several kids within a 1/2 hour of where we live ! Jaia got right to work and  we mailed the cards out yesterday and she’s already asking when she’ll get hers!

She’s also hoping to  find a pen pal or two.

Jaia made each and everyone of these Valentines herself – with very little help from me (as it should be). She knew exactly how she wanted them and is very happy with her result. No amount of momma’s ideas was going to sway my girlie..

Cutting out the hearts.

(sorry, ignore the phone!  Jaia plays with it – it’s her “mergency” phone)

Introductory letter – with pigtails:)

All ready to go!  Just needing stamps –   Jaia is so excited to be getting valentine’s!

Thanks for coordinating this!  We had a blast making valentines together.

Bright Blessings!