Wow!  Last week went by in  a blur.  We had company from Sunday night to Thursday night. Two lovely girls who are my girls friends – best friends I guess you could say.  It’s unfortunate they live so far away – or just far enough rather. 2 1/2 hours away is not just popping over for a quick visit.  But they had a blast! And other than a brief melt down 1/2 way through their visit by my 8 year old – the whole thing went smoothly. I will admit that I was not enforcing bedtimes at all.  I figured that they get to see each other so seldom that for one week it didn’t matter. Next time though   -there will be a lights out time.

We did tons of fun stuff.

We went to the mall (their choice! Not mine:) and tried one fun hats.  We came home with a total of 9 hats!!

The 8 year old’s rode the double decker carousal  – while the older two wandered the mall alone. Yikes!! is my baby really old enough to shop alone!?  Without her momma following behind? I guess, really, at 13 that yes she is able to wander with a friend.  That is, until she sees something she wants me to buy (silly girls).

We went to the barn twice- Our usual days for going out to the barn. But for February – in 63 degree weather and short sleeves, it’s very unusual for the girls to be able to clean jumps.

We went to the Magic House where we tried our hands at blowing ginormous bubbles.  The girls also visited the one room school house, “cooked” a thanksgiving meal, solved a mystery, slid down a two story slide, went to the White house, followed Lewis and Clark’s trail, visited a bank, grocery store, AND a  pizza parlour,  and  then we all ended up outside where the girls were jumping over the hedges. Like horses.

We also had a pop corn seasoning contest. Kind of Iron Chef ish –   I popped popcorn and the girls got to go through my spice cabinets and choose whatever they wanted for the popcorn.  We had powdered sugar popcorn, chocolate popcorn (cocoa powder+ sugar +some other things), death by fire (every single spicy! spice from my pantry) I was able to eat 2 pieces of that one!  We had sugar and cinnamon popcorn.. And a few others I’m forgetting.  We also watches some fun movies – Mary Poppins being one of them.

We had such a great week that when it was time for the girls to go home I had two very, very, sad children in my house.  We will have to plan again soon.

Before they arrived I had also figured out my girls show kit. I’m not going to call it an emergency kit – I think that people will get the wrong idea of what the kit really is.

Rubber bands, band aids, lint roller, sewing kit. Really this kit can go anywhere – dance recital, karate, swim lessons or meets. We have to give each item a monetary value so  I’ve priced this item at $35.  Since I’ve started sewing I’ve really come to appreciate exactly how much effort goes into making an item – anything  handmade-  so I cringe less when I see a handmade something  that is higher priced than what I would normally pay at a shopping department.  When I spell things out to others – I can tell that they themselves, have never put the thought into it. Fabric, lining, thread, time and accessories all add up.

I hope your weekend was lovely. After all the craziness last week ours was actually quite boring. – Which was a good thing.

Bright Blessings!