So I came down this morning, all ready to write a post, get some pictures up and get back on track when I plugged my camera in.  I had completely forgotten that I needed to install the soft wear!! Then the computer needed to down load all 500+ pictures on my camera. So here I am – an hour after I came down, finally ready to write a post. Goodness.

Anyway.  The weekend was crazy busy.

I got to watch Jaia dance this past Friday. I love watching her. She is coming along so  quickly!  She’s amazing. This was my less that 2 pound baby, and I marvel to see her growing up healthy. I watched her dance for the 2nd time ( they only do observation night every other month) and I saw it click in her.  The jig she was doing was a newer one the class had just learned. Complicated to my untrained Irish Dancing eyes – and I saw it click. The grin on her face told it all! She GOT it!  It was fantastic  – and I did NOT cry. I wanted to – but I didn’t.

This is where my soap making class was held on Saturday morning. Shaw Nature Preserve’s overnite building. It. was. gorgeous. I really could live there. Stone, post and beam construction. Built from materials from the area. Huge fireplace.

I had a fantastic time taking this class. I learned a lot about the soap making process – cold press soap – and finally got to see exactly how much time goes into making all those lovely bars of soap I love to buy.  I knew the process was involved, but you never really understand until you actually SEE the process in action. I would absolutely love to start making soap, except I really need to decide if I REALLY want to make soap. I know – confusing right?  I would have to buy everything to start making soap and with all the other “hobbies”  I have I wonder if it’s worth it right now to start?  I need to decide between soap making  OR about learning herbal remedies, making salves and syrups etc….

Sunday was my nephew’s 2 year birthday party. Cannot believe he’s 2! Jaia is making wrapping paper for his present.

Then she had to blow dry it since it was 1:15 and we needed to leave at 1:30 – Nope, nothing like waiting until the very last minute to do a project right?

Jaia watching the cousin.

We also have friends here through Thursday. Today it’s going to be 63* and they want to go to the mall. The Mall!  What is exactly wrong with their teen and preteen brains that the mall is a better place to go than the zoo in January when it’s going to be 63*??  Let me tell ya – the van may conveniently “break down” next to a park for a couple of hours.

Hope your day is 63* and filled with friendship!

Bright Blessings!