I’m so sorry for not keeping up here the last week or so. My laptop, which has been my primary access to the internet, came down with some nasty virus that wiped it clean!  I am so frustrated. I was actually in the middle of posting earlier in the week when everything disappeared!  Including the pictures that I was going to add.

Please bear with me as I adjust to using the actual computer again 😉 And actually get some pictures here!

I have been busy though – not just lollygagging about waiting. I’ve been busy making things for this Pony Club auction. I did figure out my “emergency” pouch and as soon as I can I’ll post pictures.  It’s more of a square shape pouch with 2 pockets inside.  I’ve added a first aid kit – band aids, wipes etc.. , a sewing kit – thread, needle, scissors, pins, buttons etc.., 2 hair rubber bands, a lint roller and a package of tissues. Which I may or may not keep in there.  It has turned out amazing!  Just a little tweaking for future kits and we’re good to go.   This is actually (maybe) the first pattern I’ve created and I’m quite proud of it!  I’ve also made a necklace and I’m working on a lunch bag.  A pair of pajama pants has been requested so I might try to fit those in. Bit warmers and a nook cosy will round out the bunch.

Hopefully I’ll be able to catch up on the picture posting over the weekend!  But we’ll see – Saturday I’m attending a cold press soap making class, Sunday is my nephew’s birthday party – he’s 2!! and then, the girls have friends visiting all week!

Have a wonderful weekend!  Bright Blessings!