Over the weekend we did some pretty lazy things. We stayed at home, cleaned a bit since friends are coming next week for a visit, fixed tile in the bath room since one of the girls pulled a piece of the wall. Yep!   Went shopping for groceries – never really a fun activity but when you go to the warehouse stores they give you free samples. Jaia loves the free samples and it can usually get us in and out of the store with out too much complaining – other than – “we missed a sample!”.

I worked on the “emergency” pouch for the Pony Club auction.  I’m just not sure if I like how this is turning out. I think I’m going to take it with me today when we go to Avalon to get the girls opinions. I don’t know if I really like the tri fold pouch idea or if I should make a series of 3 matching zippered pouches – one containing band-aids etc.., one containing hair accessories and one containing horse necessities.  I think I’ll ask the girls today and get their opinion..

On Friday we went to the Science Center with friends. Just Jaia and I – Row stayed home. Jaia tried to build a bridge.

The girls tried building an arch.  This is big here in St. Louis – the whole Arch theme…

We saw a dinosaur!

We had a blast going with our friends.  I have mixed feelings about our science center though – so many of the exhibits have gone from hands on to computer based and I don’t know about other children, but mine learn better with their hands sometimes.  They do have the walkway with building things but that seems like that’s it. Oh – I take it back – the other hands on things are all activities that cost a fee. Lego Mind Storm and the  Discovery Room (really for the under 6’s).  Except for the lab where you can extract wheat germ DNA.  That is very interesting.

Some one also had her very first swimming lesson ever on Saturday!

Waiting for her turn.

First time on a diving board ever!  She did fantastic!

There was also some thrift store shopping and some Harvest Moon playing..

Totally addicting game!

Have a wonderful Monday!  We’re off to the barn this afternoon after school.

Bright Blessings!