So over the summer, my daughter Rowan joined Pony Club –   She used the money she earned from working  summer camps at Avalon Horse Farm – this was the arrangement we’d made -she wanted to join but I couldn’t justify the amount.  I have two girls and am pretty weird about them feeling equally treated.

AnyWay!  Every year they have a silent auction/trivia night to help raise funds for various activities the girls would want to participate in through Pony Club. Last year I was a participant. This year I’m knee deep in involvement…

Each family is supposed to sell one table’s worth of tickets to bring people to trivia night. That’s 8 to 10 seats a table.  Luckily I have a sister-in-law who love horses and is willing to support her niece. She filled a table for us.. wheww.. My family is a no go. I’m not surprised – but still disappointed non-the-less.   We’re also supposed to solicit for 5 items for the auction.

I hate soliciting. I’m just not the type to go ask for things. Even if it’s for a good cause.  So I decided to make 5 items. The first one I’m making is an “emergency”  kit for horse shows. There’s always something riders need – whether it’s safety pins to pin on their numbers or a rubber band for hair. Not to mention extra buttons, thread and needles for rips and runs.  I would also add band-aids and a few other items the might need at a show.

I started out with an 11 by 7 rectangle.  I want to make this a tri fold wallet type pouch with pockets to hold the necessities.

Two pockets – 7 inches by 8 – when I fold them they’ll be 4 inch pockets.  Don’t worry!  I ironed everything before I sewed it together. It came together fairly quickly once I had my plan down. I added batting in the middle to give it some shape and stiffness. So that it wouldn’t get lost in everything one needs to take to a horse show.  OR anything really. It could be an “emergency” kit for anywhere.

Here’s the pouch all sewn together. It has an elastic band and a button closure. I really like the way this pouch came together – the one thing I noticed though is that when it’s closed, one pocket is upside down  and things might fall out .

Here’s my second go at the pouch. I revised my plans a little.  I put the pockets going in the same direction and added some elastic  to hold items like scissors or what not. I think this will be the pouch I’m going to make . I have some cute horse material in my stash left over from some other project so I think I’ll use that. A quick trip to a fabric store later for the supplies – thread, needles, scissors etc.. and the pouch will be finished.

Picks of the finished pouch in a day or so!

Bright Blessings!