Wow – we went to bed last night knowing there were going to be thunder storms and rain.  I couldn’t wait – I love thunder storms and I especially love laying in bed while they are swirling around outside.

The weather has been fairly mild here in the mid-west.  Very unusual warm weather, with a few bitterly cold days sporadically tossed in here and there.  The early part of last week was warm – 40’s or so. The latter part though, freezing. Cold enough that we had our one snow fall of the year. That was 3 days of cold. Then again it was warm. Perfect severe weather weather.  I had made the comment that very afternoon to another mother – hoping that this strange weather pattern was not going to bring tornadoes. (Last year about this time we had quite a few tornadoes in MO – caused a great amount of damage.  )

Sure enough, we were woken at about 2:30 or so by our 13 year old letting us know that the tornado sirens were going off.   I had been sleeping fitfully and probably would have written the sirens off as a weird dream.

So we hauled our sleeping selves down to the basement. R stripped her bed and took everything down to the futon bed that’s downstairs. J just took her little self – carried by her daddy.  I grabbed my pillows.

I popped back up for flashlights, my purse, the important paper box and of course to pee. And also with strict instructions to grab 2 stuffed pugs , Kaya and  Ruthie..

We were down stairs a total of 20 minutes, maybe a few more, maybe less. After the all clear we trooped back upstairs.  R stayed in the basement – she really does not like bad weather.  20 minutes is just enough to throw off your entire sleeping schedule.

After we’d all gotten back into bed – everyone safe and sound I lay in bed listening to the thunder, the wind whipping through the trees and seeing the lightening flashes through the curtains. As I lay there I send up small blessings – “praying” that everyone is safe and no one is getting hurt with this fierce storm.

Today it’s cold and very windy. We’re all tired and somewhat cranky after our rude awakening early this morning.  And there are no trees down.

On a much happier note. I wanted to thank everyone who’s popping in to see my humble blog. As a new blogger it’s both exciting and intimidating to know that people are actually reading! what I’m writing.  I hope you continue to visit and I hope to continue to write about things that are interesting to everyone.

Thank you for all the kind comments. I enjoy reading them. It makes me feel….. welcome in this blogging world. I’m trying to respond to each one as they come in.

Bright Blessings!