Friday I got to go to a yoga class!  I love yoga – the calmness, breathing and quite really are good for me – especially after a week with my husband traveling and in a different state.  With me being alone with a very strong tempered 8 year old and a 13 year old.  It was bring your friend week and my friend invited me!  At first I really didn’t want to get up and go. The house was so warm and cozy after all – and there was the snow. The whole 1 1/2 inches that we got the day before… The snow that completely threw everyone for a loop. Now really, I’m just using that as an excuse you know…

I really don’t go to yoga class enough. It was wonderful!  Just me, not a mom, but Sarah. Lovely, perfect. I don’t get that very often now that I’ve quit work at the library, and I’m realizing just how very important that is. Don’t get me wrong, I absolutely love my girls and I was a full time stay at home mother when they were much younger,  but mommy time is needed now.  I will definitely have to work that into our school week/Friday schedule..

On my way home I 1 – stopped and got myself a coffee. A real mocha without whipped cream. And I drank it – alone.

I also 2 – stopped at the antique mall we have here. It’s really a building where venders pay per space but I found some great things.  You can either find over priced items but if you look closely enough and deep enough you can find real gems.

I found the perfect bed for J’s 18 inch doll. That’s already been whisked away and it’s tucked into the corner where Kaya and Ruthie have their bedroom. I’ll have to grab a picture of that when J’s not looking.

I also found the best table and chair set – 6 chairs, table and leaves.. Scandinavian style I think the tag said.  That I did not buy. We don’t need it but I sure did like it. We need bookshelves and storage items. So I did the grown up thing and left it.  Maybe I’ll pop in next week and see if it’s still there!

Instead we bought this:

To organize my sewing area. I had re purposed my original shelving for school and art supplies so my crafting stuff was in stacks everywhere.   It’s boring and has no originality but for right now it was cheap and it does it’s job.

Sorry about the mess, the area is a work in progress. The basement is my craft/sewing area, the play area and when needed the martial arts area for my husband. It’s rarely tidy for long. (this I did not buy at the antique mall)

The real find was this:

Fantastic!  Even my 13 year old said  it was a cute bag!  She wants it for a purse though – Me – I’m going to use it for my

Holga!  Which I got for christmas. Fits perfectly in the case and everything. (sorry for the fuzzy pictures, my camera’s accuracy seems to diminish when the batter power goes down)

I know – long, long, post for the camera case but hey! It’s Monday  – what can I say??

Bright Blessings!