I have always wanted to make salves, soaps, herbal remedies and everything in between.  I’ve always had an excuse why I didn’t too.  Costs too much….  I’d have to go out and buy EVERYTHING! Takes too much time.. etc…

So, as I was on my purchasing kick for Yule/christmas, I bought something for me too. I bought the Learning Herbs Herbal Medicine making kit. (I also bought a incense making kit – but that’s another blog post) Everything comes included, beeswax, the herbs – already prepackaged- and some tins. I thought that if I just got a taste of it – found out how easy and fun it is, then I would have no problem starting the process. Yesterday, while the girls were doing school work,  I made my first salve.  Since we school in the kitchen I could both make the salves and be there to help with school work when needed.

Simmering the herbs in Olive oil. Sorry the picture is so blurry!

The oil after simmering for an hour – before I added the beeswax.

The beeswax, before I added it to the pot.

The salve after pouring the mixture into the tins. I made 2 Lavender and two  “calming heat” – which was another essential oil I had in our pantry.  When I find the eucalyptus essential oil I will remelt the remaining salve and add that oil to it.  The eucalyptus really helps my daughter when she has her cold/cough.

I really enjoyed making the salves and now I just need to sit down and figure out which herbs to grow in my garden!

I’m going to slowly gather tins, jars and other pots for the salves, lotions and potions I would like to create.  I would also like to find a local source for the beeswax and herbs.  I also have some fantastic catalogues to order supplies from.

The settles salves.  Total this project maybe took 2 hours. Simmering the herbs took the longest time and I simmered those on the stove on low, low heat for one hour.  I’ve read somewhere that you can simmer them in a small crock pot – letting them simmer at a lower temperature for a longer amount of time – so I may start looking for crock pots when I go hit the thrift stores.

Bright Blessings!