Wednesday we usually spend at “the Barn” – Avalon Horse Farm.  We clean stalls, we feed, the girls get to ride.  Lately though, it seems that my 13 year old is having, I won’t call them problems, but problems with her friends there. They are all home schooled, the older 2 (14 and 16) are out there more often than R.  So they’re together all the time, they ride more together, they mesh. They are very much “best friends” .  Row has always been a part of the “group”, albeit the quiet part of the group..  The problem I see is that they never seem to want to include her or ride with her on the days we’re out there.  Maybe it’s just me being the over protective mom.  Maybe it was just yesterday. ….  I’m probably over sensitive to these things since I was always the one always on the outside growing up. I was always the introvert, shy girl – still am – and so is she.  But she very much wanted to ride with her friends yesterday and they chose not to – they wanted to ride much later in the day – about the time we’re getting ready to leave.  Like I said – I may be projecting here, but she’s my baby and you always want to see the world go right for your children.  She ended up riding by herself.  She told me that she’s feeling like the third wheel, left out.   I’m not sure how to handle this.   Do I wait it out and see if next week is different although I’ve noticed this as a  trend. Maybe not R but I see things as an outsider to the three.  I homeschool so that this would not happen to my girls. I homeschool because I love to be with them. I wanted them to always have friends, to always feel accepted.  And so it pains me to see this going on with R.  So really, I’m at a complete loss as to what to do.  Right now  I’m really *not* liking these other 2 girls.

So this is something I need to sit with. Help her to tell them how she feels. We are both very shy and tend to protect our feelings, and others, by not standing up for ourselves.  grrr! Being a parent is so very, very hard!

I saw these beautiful babies as I was bringing horses in last night..  They kept staring and watching me. I don’t think they could figure out WHY exactly I was taking horses in…  after all .. aren’t ALL animals supposed to stay outside and munch all night long.

Bright Blessings!