Well – I’ve made the goal to get sewing, get exercising, get motivated .. and I’ve done nothing.  Just not motivated to get anything done!  I probably just have to get up and start doing -How do you get motivated? I’ve made my list of ideas… Oh well – I’ll get it done!  It’s my goal for 1012!!

We have been enjoying the extremely odd, warm weather here in Missouri.  I’m kinda worried that one day we’re going to wake up with 4 feet of snow! We’ve had the windows completely opened here several days!

The girls built a fort outside in the yard…

They are bare foot and in short sleeves –

They ate lunch outside that afternoon. Dinner actually. In January. In Missouri. Totally blowing my mind the weather.

Finally got the tree taken down. This takes me the longest time simply because I absolutely do not like taking everything off! Putting on – yes – taking off NO!

If you need something else to do with all those awful plastic bags you get each and every time you go to a store  – they are great for wrapping ornaments up for packing!  Do you ever get THOSE stares when you ask the cashier/bagger to put as much stuff into one bag as it can hold? I had one girl get an ATTITUDE when I asked her to put more stuff in the bag!  I really just don’t need 3 bags for 3 items – really – it’s OKAY  – I can handle it..

More painting has been done.

We had another moon lit ride at Avalon Horse Farms.

Perfect –

Bright Blessings!