Yesterday we ran a lot of errands.  Tons. Well, we had to go to 3 stores, but to a teenager who only wants to read and an 8 year old, that was three too many.  But I did include lunch!

Our last stop of the day was a home schooling art class that our library holds once a month. They did sand art – something about how the Native Americans used sand painting in their ceremonies.  Which, I don’t think, was really explained to the kids. I know J just knows they did sand art. Anyway, pet peeve aside …  She had fun and made 2 cute hanging pictures.

First she sketched out the picture. A horse of course.

Then they put glue in each section – spread it with a pain brush and added colored sand.

It turned out really cute!

This is what my 13 year old does during sand art class. She could have participated, but no – She read. Funny girl.

I always enjoy sitting and watching parents as their children are participating in a class. Some sit on the sidelines and read or play with their phones.  Some hoover and offer advice. Some do everything for their kids – pour the glue – sprinkle the sand – the child just points and nods.  I sat with J and answered questions, offered advice when I thought she needed it. Usually I try to let them figure things out on their own. Sometimes I offer too much advice.  Sometimes I need to be the voice of reason.   – no those colors don’t really work together or no we cannot buy every strand of beads you want,  no – you really cannot use 10 pieces of water color paper just to scribble! or even  – those beads, fabric, etc will just not WORK together  –    yes some things just won’t work out or fit together or even “go” together.  Sometimes I need to step back and enjoy.

Bright Blessings