I thought I would show you what my girls to when they have too much time on their hands. And balloons.

They make balloon snakes – filled with water. Yep. And leave them in the bath tub.

They name them. This one is Anna-conda.

They play with them on the bathroom floor  – they were NOT allowed to carry their pets throughout the house. I could just see them exploding and spewing gallons (?) of water all over the couch or carpet or bed.

Yes, my floor is powder blue, so is the bath tub. The toilet was blue too – until we got sick of that and replaced it! That was easy and cheapish..

Yep – water balloon snakes.  Three of them are still alive – I think three have bit the dust.  They’re still in my bathtub.

On another note  – Yesterday was our first day back at (home) school, and besides the history and math we accomplished, I thought art would be a good beginning to a new year. I showed them how to use veggies to make art. This rose was made using a Bok Choy bottom. I usually hate using food for painting – I just think it’s wasteful. But this was the bottom after I’d used the rest for soup so – why not? It was just going to get tossed..

J started painting a Goddess using the paint kit she got for Yule.

Row, of course, painted a horse. (I was going to flip this but it just didn’t look right.)

Off to the barn today!

Bright Blessings!