New Years Eve has always been a laid back night for us. We usually just hang out at home, maybe watch some TV, drink some good wine and snack on good food. This year was no exception. I had toyed with the idea of going to St. Louis’ First Night celebration but decided against it. Maybe next year because I’ve wanted to go for a few years but I’ve always thought the girls were too young. I thing next year, with the girls at 9 and 14!! they might be old enough, don’t ya think?

I made some fantastically yummy blackberry cobbler using a recipe I discovered on the Pioneer Woman’s blog site. Thank you Pioneer Woman!

There was also some home made stuffed crimini mushrooms. They were stuffed with cream cheese, chorizo and a few other things.

The mushroom recipe we just made up. And there were  a lot of other  finger foods – shrimp, hot wings, thai chicken sticks, veggies ..

There was Yahtzee and good hard cider. And Mr. Popper’s Penguins.  The evening ended with me actually going to bed early with a headache. Don’t know what that says for 2011 but I woke up to 2012 feeling pretty good!

And it was my husbands birthday so we started off the new year with cake!

What better way to start a new year?

On Friday I actually had a chance to get out by myself for a bit. I wandered around the antique mall for a hour or so.  There were a few things I found:

Cute milk glass like bowl – says Fire king on the bottom.

And buttons! I’m a sucker for fun buttons. (sorry the red tablecloth doesn’t do the buttons justice)

I especially like how these buttons area attached in the back.

New Years plan?  Well since I was actually able to quit my job at the library several months ago, that means I’ll have more time to craft and maybe do some craft shows!  Possibly open (or -re open) and etsy shoppe.  I’ve made my idea list now I just have to implement it.  But first I need a name….I’m going to ponder that for a few days here.. Any suggestions?

Bright Blessings!