So my 13 year old received a Nook for christmas from her Grandmother,  but no cover.  The child reads constantly – really – sometimes I have whole conversations with myself because she’s so absorbed in her books. I absolutely love the fact that she’s such a reader.. Well…. until I have conversations with her in which she agrees to do a chore that then she has no recollection of – Silly girl..

Since the covers themselves are not cheap either I decided to make her a Nook Cosy –

First I figured out the size – width and length.

Sewed around the edges, turned it right side out.

I ironed it and then sewed a pocket and flap – I was going to add Velcro to close it but she wants a button instead.  – Easy Peasy.  It turned out cute and gives her some protection when she tosses the reader into her bag.

Our christmas/Yule was wonderful – each girl got exactly what they wanted, and on several occasions I over heard one or both of them saying that this was “the best christmas ever”. Makes a momma happy, that does. Just the right amount of gifts – Something they want – okay really somethingsss  they want – something they need – something momma makes and something to read.

Here’s J and her new girl – Kaya.

We’re taking it easy the next couple of days – School will start for us again next week and our scheduling will calm down a bit. Hope everyone is having a nice Holiday!

Bright Blessings!