Yesterday, we – well  really, I – made cookies.

I made:

Chocolate Chip and

Snickerdoodles! I actually used to call these Snaps – which I like better 🙂

The recipes? The chocolate chip cookie recipe came from the back of a package of chocolate chips from Trader Joe’s and the Snickerdoodle recipe is from The Joy of Baking.  Saturday I’ll be making homemade cinnamon rolls using a cinnabon clone recipe.  Normally I don’t let the girls eat a ton of sugar – but at christmas/Yule…  We make exceptions.

Tomorrow is Yule! Anyone doing anything special?  Our barn is having a sunrise ride!  I’m so excited. Other than the fact that I have to get out of bet at 5:00 in the morning!

We’ll be having ground beef Wellington for dinner – a Jamie Oliver recipe – My girls absolutely love it!  Grass fed beef wrapped in puff pastry.  Probably mashed potatoes and roasted root veggies too.

Friday and Saturday, besides baking and cleaning, I’ll be putting finishing touches on presents. I have to re-sew a button hole and then sew on 10 buttons 😦  ugg.. Oh well. I’ll take pictures when I’m finished. I’m not happy with how the dress turned out, but it could be that she chose flannel for the dress. Maybe I’ll talk hubbie into taking the girls to a movie or something. Get them out of the house for a bit so I can have some quite to finish.   Then wrapping, wrapping, wrapping! I wait until christmas eve to put out all the presents – more fun that way!

Hope all is well with everyone!

Bright Blessings