Well, over the weekend we each took turns feeling punky. Sore throat, low fever, tired, tired, tired. Seems though we’re all past that though!  Thank goodness.  Must have been mother nature’s way of just saying – slow down for a bit – .

While we were all moving at a slower pace I got to work on some yule/christmas presents.

Dress for R.

I made my grocery list and went grocery shopping.

I plan for two weeks at a time and try to get all the grocery shopping done at once. I try to hit the health food store for meats  – that way I know they’re hormone free and treated nicer (hopefully). And then I hit the other store for all the organic veggies and fruits etc..  That way we spend less money in the long run because there’s no running up to the closer grocery store “just to pick up”…. and then coming home with things we don’t need and spending way too much money!  You know how that goes.  I’m in a rut though – we’ve been cycling through the same menu ideas for weeks and I’m getting burned out on some of the recipes!

J and I had to escape the house for a bit on Friday and went to the Children’s Magic House..  The special exhibit was about The Magic Tree House books.

J got to drive a horse and wagon.

She got to inspect a Civil War field hospital.

Visit a one room school house.

In another part of the Magic House – Grandma’s Attic. My favorite part. Can you imagine having a Grandma’s attic full of steamer trunks to explore!  I wish!

In  yet another part of the Magic House – The future president of the United States – in training!!

And last but not least – J cooking in the kitchen  – see the lovely table she set?

There is so much more at the Magic house!  A store, bank, library..  We’ll have to go back again!

Bright Blessings.