With the girls busy cutting, ironing and painting their stencils, I got busy working on one of my own.

I absolutely love this image!  I traced it off of a purse that I found years ago at a thrift store. It was my favorite purse of all time – still is really, but it’s dirty on the inside and ripping. So it sits now in my closet. But!! I’ve found a way to recreate the picture. First I carefully traced it onto tracing paper, then transferred it to the freezer paper.

I cut it out –

And ironed it to the bag I’m going to use. I’ll paint it later on when I’m not so frazzled with holiday present making.


My husband’s new job entails more traveling than his last.  This week he’s gone until Thursday so last night the girls and I had a picnic on the floor while playing Whoville-opolly. Love this game!  Instead of playing an extended game – both girls wanted short and sweet – we set a time limit and the “winner” was the one who had the most properties. Well – J had the most money – fewest properties.  Between R and I – we tied property wise and I had just $20 more than she.  It was really fun. Home made pizza  – pepperoni and spinach for the girls, spinach, red onion, broccoli, cauliflower, and jalepenos for me!  Lovely!

Then bedtime stories – The Tales of Desperaux.

Bright Blessings!