Oh – The past week has been so busy!   I’ve just not been feeling “perfect”. Not sick enough to stop doing anything – but just not up to par. Ever had one of those days or weeks?  But still – not feeling up to par has not kept me down. We still went to the barn and cleaned stalls and had lessons. We still went to dance. I checked out the spot where I’d left Owl-livia – she was gone!

I held my freezer paper stencil class for  those who signed up in our homeschooling group. Then we came home and did it again!

Here is R working on her bag she decided to make. She’s wearing the shirt she stenciled in the class too!  It really turned out neat!

J’s bag..

J’s finished bag!

R’s almost finished bag. Waiting for the paint to dry before removing the freezer paper.

We also set up our christmas tree.

Before. Yes – it’s plastic. I just cannot bring myself to cut down a live tree just for us to  prop it in a corner for 3 weeks to fulfill some need that everyone must have a live tree. Ours is recycled of course – second generation family.

After. I decided I needed to stop looking at all the decorating magazines. This is the first year I’ve not been content with our simple tree.  We need to make more ornaments! More lights!

I also cut out and sewed -mostly – one pair of girl pantaloons, 2 pair of 18 doll pantaloons, one teen size pair of jammie pants and for the first time ever I cut and sewed with knit jersey!  I still need to add the waistband and elastic to the pants, but I’ve definitely made a dent!!

Bright Blessings!