So J has that pair of pink pantaloons. She wants another  pair for Yule/christmas and I thought I’d make one white pair for her and then 2 more pairs for her dolls to match. One for Ruthie – whom she already has, and then one for the doll she’s going to get – Kaya.  So last night I set out to see if I could make a 2 piece pants pattern for the dolls, similar to J’s 2 piece pants pattern that I used.

I had a pattern where you cut two front and two back – so a four piece pattern…  I just traced the pattern, flipped the pattern and traced it against the first part of the pattern…

I trimmed the legs and then I compared..

Looking good! But not 100% content with how narrow I made the legs. But … I made the first pair..

Cute! Cute! Cute!

But then I realized that there is not enough room to fold over and put the elastic – and I was in no mood to make a waist band and add it to the pants before I put the elastic in. I wanted this to be simple. Easy Peasy.

So back to the drawing board where I added a good inch to the waist on the pattern and widened the legs just a smidge..

This pattern turned out so much better!  Good waist height for turning and putting in elastic. Leg size perfect – maybe I’ll make the next pair just slightly shorter – or put a piece of elastic in the legs also.

So then I made THIS pair of pants!

I cut and sewed.

I put in the elastic.


Finished!  Now to make two more pairs out of white for Ruthie and Kaya and one girl size pair!

Bright Blessings!