Well – I did it!  I dropped Owl-livia.  I ended up dropping her at the mall  where my daughter takes dance. Near to the play area.  The hardest part was dropping her with out any one knowing. But I did it!  I hope she goes to a fun, loving home.

Other things we did over the weekend:

J twirling in her pantaloons!

Stall decorating contest at Avalon!  This is J’s stall. Did it all by herself she did:)

J in front of her stall. See her outfit?  It was also the parade day. Which was canceled. Because of rain. At 12:00. After we’d gotten there and tacked up the horses. It was supposed to start at 12:00. So we paraded through the town on horses anyway. Sorry – no pics of that. It was raining after all and I didn’t want my camera to get wet.

R’s stall!  Gingerbread men jockeys!  13 for R and 11 for the horse – Jonah.  She spray painted and decorated them all on her own. I did help to make the gingerbread man shape – but she did the rest!

Bright Blessings!