Last night, frustrated with my girls bickering, I decided to go down and start some holiday projects.

Let’s take a look at these shall we?  One tree ornament I forgot to add the ribbon to hang it.  The second one, I remembered to add the ribbon – but look where I added it??  The third  green tree is actually correct!  I found the instructions on Joggles – their felt tree decorations. Except instead of wool felt I’m using recycled sweaters.

Anyway – after the 2 mess ups I gave up.  I decided to sew something I didn’t need to think about.

J’s bloomers – here the legs are cut out..

Sewn together!  And I didn’t mess up 🙂

Waist finished and with elastic.

Legs hemmed and with elastic.

And I will have to get a finished picture – J already has them on her body!  I’ll have to tie her down to get a picture (or sneak them off her body once she goes to bed) 🙂

Seriously – she loves ’em!

Bright Blessings!