Well, I played around with my camera yesterday, learning all the inns and outs of it. Well – maybe not ALL but it was a start. There’s even a picture setting for pets! My memory card from the old camera fits so I don’t have to go buy a new one. Can’t ACCESS the old pictures on it but – hey – this morning I down loaded them to the new laptop. All 406 of them. Some from last christmas!  Might have to delete some yes?

Tuesday I made a dash into the thrift store close to our house. I really needed to get away from 2 bickering girls. I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE being at home and homeschooling but my girls are now 8 and 13. Yep.  The 8 year old wants to play the 13 year old doesn’t – bickering ensues. A lot of bickering.  I explain – play with your sister – you’re NOT the entertainment and certainly not expected to all the time but, please, spend time with your younger sister because she loves you. And there are no other kids on the block.  But harmony is not everlasting. I needed to escape. Just for a bit.  And I found this:

This cute little sugar bowl. I’m so glad I found it since my other cute, little sugar bowl was starting to chip from rough handling.


I’ve also started tracing and cutting out patterns for christmas/Yule. I usually make each girl a pair of new jammie pants. They get to pick out their own fabric and pattern. Yes they know what I’m making. Why? because this is about what THEY want, not about what I think they should want or need.  🙂 Sometimes my ideas are completely wrong.

R’s.  Yes, she chooses some funky fabric patterns. But hey! It’s what she wants and it’s so soft! I trace my patterns onto tissue paper so I can reuse the pattern another time. I used to use some tracing/quilting paper from JoAnn’s fabrics but that was getting pricey at $2.99 a yard. I don’t usually reuse the same tissue paper pattern since the girls have completely different tastes usually. And using plain white tissue paper from the dollar store, I can trace off the pattern as many times as I like.

J’s. This will actually be pantaloons. That’s what she wants. I’ll also make white or black ones and maybe a night gown.

Also.. J and I pulled my craft baskets out  and played around needle felting and embroidering.

Felted flower wristlets!

Bright Blessings!