So, my camera is still dead, and I haven’t had the guts to just go buy another one since christmas/Yule is creeping up on us at an alarming rate!  I think I’m going to borrow my 8 year olds until I can get one of my own.  If I can find it that is……. I sound like such a kid!

We’ve been busy around here though. Mostly with horse related stuffs. Wow! I never thought when R started this adventure with her aunt that we would now own a horse, be members of Pony Club (well R anyway) and take lessons. Still can’t always wrap my head around it. Gone are the easy, laid back days of doing not a whole lot of anything..

Oh well, it is what it is and I’m glad that I can provide these experiences for my girls.

Yule/christmas planning is well under way here. Years ago I found this saying.

Something you want

Something you need

Something momma made

and something to read.

I discovered it on a blog and I’m sorry I don’t know who’s blog it was! My apologies!

This is the mantra I’ve been using for the past couple of years when I go preparing for the the girls presents. It really helps them to narrow down the one or two things they really want. This year J wants an American Girl doll for her want – so that’s what she’s getting. Her need – wool socks and underwarmers for the barn again. For the something I make – matching dresses for her and her American Girl doll. I’ll have to make 3 out fits though – one for her and 2 for 18 inch dolls. Her grandmother got her one last year too.   Her reads are simple – Judy Moody.

R’s need are a bit more complicated this year. She’s 13 – nary a play mobile on her wish list at all!  Jewelry is what she wants and jewelry with horses on it.   So that and maybe a few other small things will make her “want” list. A pony club sweat shirt and a quill pen and ink, since she’s constantly wanting to make one.  Her need – a new saddle pad for the horse.  I know.  Her made by momma – She actually has a pattern out for me to make her this year – McCall’s  6159. View B made out of flannel with matching leggings. This girl knows what she wants!  Her read will be an Amazon gift card. My MIL is getting her the NOOK – Which I’m leery about (but that girl reads constantly!!)  and well   – she is 13! after all.  But the NOOK means she’ll need a way of buying some books to go on it. This is my only contention with it – you STILL have to be able to buy the reading material!   Better a NOOK though than a game for the Wii or DS right?

And really  – I always sneak and extra present or two in there!  After all – I’m mom right?

Hope you all are doing well and you’re holiday preparations are coming along smoothly!  When I locate a camera I’ll take pictures of works in progress – of which I’ve started none!

Bright Blessings!