I am so, so sorry!  Here I am, just getting the feel of posting regularly, enjoying being able to post the crafts that the girls and I make and our home school adventures and my camera goes and dies.  I’m not quite sure what’s going on with it.. It’s just a point and shoot camera but every time I turn it on it instantly shuts off.  It may be the battery, it may need replacing completely. Please bear with me while I figure it out.

What have we done since Halloween you ask?  Well let’s see…  We’ve gotten stitches taken out of fingers, done school work, worked at the barn, the weather went from 70 degrees to about 55 degrees overnight.   J  came down with a cold last Wednesday and is still fighting off the cough. And R rode horses.

I participated in a dinner/craft swap.  I made a wrist-let out of owl material, lined with gorgeous purple corduroy.  I wish, wish, wish I had pictures of that.  Then I made myself a clutch .  That I’ll be able to post pictures of as soon as my camera is repaired or a replacement bought.  My Owlivia is finished. I just don’t want to make the big “drop” with out taking pictures.

Let’s see …. At least ONE  thing I’ve done the past month or so when I still had a camera that worked.

I felted these sweaters to make christmas/yule trees. I did NOT realize that they were not 100% wool though so we’ll see how the trees work out.

I hope everyone is doing well!

Bright Blessings!